Alcohol consumption in moderation is a matter of education

Wine is enjoyed thoroughly only with a sensible consumption, and we have to move away the old idea it is the responsible of the alcoholism. In Europe in general, and in the mediterranean countries particularly, the wine culture is milenary and it was feed source historically, inasmuch as it is a peculiar beverage: in addition to alcohol and other inherent substances, it contains vitamins, minerals, acids, amino acids, antioxidant polyphenols and nutrients that our organism needs for its proper functioning.

It is a parental responsibility leading by example with moderate consumption and, once reaching the enough maturity, teaching the benefits of the reasonable consumption of a drink that the best way to enjoy its complexity is sharing it in a social or familiar act.

Our youths are exposed to the trend of getting together to consume large amounts of alcohol. Transmitting the terrible consequences of this habit is a responsibility of parents and educators. Fun is not associated to alcohol consumption but the opposite, and they don’t have to get carried away by the pressure from friends.

Do not let a pleasure of Gods to become a humans problem.