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vega sicilia una de las mejores bodegas del mundo

Vega Sicilia: One of the best wineries in the world

Have you heard of Vega Sicilia? Surely you have, if you are passionate about viticulture and you are interested in knowing the best wineries in the world. And, why not tell all the trajectory that has Vega Sicilia, one of the best wineries in the world, and has also contributed to the prestige of the Spain brand. Vega Sicilia has a long legacy and we invite you to know it.

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Does it affect the Designation of Origin in the quality of products

Does it affect the Designation of Origin in the quality of products?

Maybe sometime you’ve wondered what is the difference between consuming products with designation of origin and products that are not. And surely you used it to refer to quality products as can be wines, cheeses, meats, etc. but do you know what is it? if so, does it affect the Designation of Origin in the quality of products?

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original spanish sangria

How to prepare original Spanish sangría

Have you heard about original the Spanish sangría? It is one of the most popular drinks in the spanish summer. Owes its name to its colour which remind to blood ( in spanish “sangre”). Thus it must be done always with red wine. It is also frecuently done with white wine or cava (sparkling white wine from a specific area in Catalonia) but this variant should be called “white sangría”. Continue reading

Serving wine at room temperature or cold?

Serving wine at room temperature or cold?

Enjoying a good wine is not just a matter of choosing a good reserve wine. If you like wine and want to make the most of it, you must educate yourself and acquire some basic knowledge on how to use each type of wine. It’s not necessary to be an expert oenologist. Having in mind certain guidelines will be more than enough.

Perhaps it has arisen to you the doubt if serving cold wine or at room temperature. Each wine requires a situation and a proper type of food, an optimal preservation and an ideal serving temperature. Knowing these generalities will make you succeed as host of a social, family or employment lunch meeting. Continue reading

to fill out a glass of wine

How to fill out a glass of wine?

Fill a glass of wine with the right amount has his little trick and raison d ‘ être. There are a few quantities for each type of wine, which will make the Cup more enjoyable and unfold the full potential of the wine you are drinking.

The general rule suggests that the Cup should be filled up to the widest part of the same but there are a few tips for each type of wine to offer all its nuances. Continue reading

The most spectacular wine cellars in Spain

The quality of Spanish wines is known beyond our borders, and among tourists who come to our country, there are many who in addition to enjoy our fine wines, also want to know their origin. The places where the grapes are grown and the cellars where the wine is produced can be a sight to admire for wine lovers, or just for those who enjoy the beauty of a natural landscape and an attractive architecture.

In this article we want to show the ones that to us are the most spectacular wineries in Spain. Worth visiting and admiring for all and sundry, and often are the birthplace of the most prestigious wines of our country. Continue reading

Alcohol consumption in moderation is a matter of education

Wine is enjoyed thoroughly only with a sensible consumption, and we have to move away the old idea it is the responsible of the alcoholism. In Europe in general, and in the mediterranean countries particularly, the wine culture is milenary and it was feed source historically, inasmuch as it is a peculiar beverage: in addition to alcohol and other inherent substances, it contains vitamins, minerals, acids, amino acids, antioxidant polyphenols and nutrients that our organism needs for its proper functioning.

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The essentials of Spanish wines. A different and friendly explanation.

Today we want to show a great serie of videos elaborated by the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX). This serie of 10 instructive short videos shows many things about the the spanish wine: some history about the origin, the different grapes cultivated in each region, the many Denominations of Origin, and also some advices about the Spanish gastronomy and how to marinate each wine with our fabulous typical meals.

These videos are friendly presented by Manuel Barrica, also known as Mr. Barrel, an Spanish American-oak-made cask, who owes his good english speaking level to his origin.

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The perfect way to lose weight for Spanish ham and wine lovers

We are going to give joy.

The specialist Rubén Bravo, expert naturopath in nutrition for the European Medical Institute of the Obesity, has elaborated diet based on iberic ham and red wine ¨good for the taste buds and good for the heart¨. By eating the tipical Spanish tapas based on good Iberico ham and a glass of wine, it will become a double pleasure. The pleasure of savour rich delicacies and knowing the benefits that the products we are consuming are providing to our organism.

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