harvest between slopes

Harvest between slopes: An ancient tradition

Spain stands out as one of the countries where the best wines around the world are manufactured, but not only that, is the only one that tries to keep its production craft techniques to make the most of the grapes for a wine of good quality.

Heroic viticulture

Maintain or achieve the quality in the production of wines suppose to withstand great efforts and sometimes dangers such as harvest between slopes. We talk about the harvest in the Ribeira Sacra, located in Galicia, between the provinces of Lugo and Ourense.

Were them Roman who makes approximately 2000 years planted the first vineyards in them slopes of the Ribeira Sacra leaving us this tradition ancestral.

This harvest consists of harvesting the grapes on some slopes with 85% of inclination, on a floor of slate and granite. These conditions make very difficult the harvesting of the fruit, since it is not only gathering grapes vine by vine with this incline, but it must also carry heavy baskets and carry them down the slopes to the download site. This is a great physical effort of the grape pickers since harvest between slopes isn’t an easy work. Thus they should have an optimal physical state. Hence, this practice has acquired the name of heroic viticulture, and it’s no wonder.

The wines obtained from these slopes receive the appellation of origin Ribeira Sacra and are mostly red wines, the most cultivated grape variety is Mencía, resulting in an intense color, fruity and aromatic wines. White wines are also produced but at one lower rate.

In addition to the quality of the grape that makes special the wines of this designation of origin, it is also the difficulty of harvest between slopes where the goats are afraid to step on.