to fill out a glass of wine

How to fill out a glass of wine?

Fill a glass of wine with the right amount has his little trick and raison d ‘ être. There are a few quantities for each type of wine, which will make the Cup more enjoyable and unfold the full potential of the wine you are drinking.

The general rule suggests that the Cup should be filled up to the widest part of the same but there are a few tips for each type of wine to offer all its nuances.

Fill a glass of wine

  • White wines. They must be filled up to three quarters of the Cup, being more generous the amount served in red wines.
  • Red wines. they differ between reds young and crianza or reserve. The young ones must be filled up to half of the glass. On the other hand crianza or reserve are filled in one third of glass thus strengthening its smell and taste whose aromas are more intensified at room temperature. It is convenient to gently shake them to let all their aromas to shine.
  • Rosé wines and generous. Glass will be filled more or less in half of its capacity to have similar characteristics as young red wines.
  • Sparkling wines. Wines with dissolved gas (Cavas, champagnes and similars), are served in glasses of high and narrow tube to filled to the brim, without leaking it, in two times, being ideally leave a centimetre margin.

We must remember that the primary objective when filling a glass of wine with greater or lesser amount is the enhance its flavors and aromas.