Como ser feliz: la buena comida | how to be happy: good food

How to be happy: the good food is one of the keys.

Maybe one day, or more than one, you have asked yourself how to be happy or what is the happiness. How some people around us are able to have permanent smile drawn in their face and we wonder, how they do it?

We are going to bring you up some habits to achieve the happiness. And you? Do you know how to become happy?

The term happiness, depending on who defines it, may have several meanings. From our point of view, happiness is a status of personal satisfaction which arises as consequence of carrying out certain acts.

How to be happy

Probably sometime you have raised yourself how to be happy, but there is not a unic way achieve it. Now we are giving you some tips about how to become happy.

  1. Travel. Travel a lot. Knowing new places, people, cultures, life styles, etc. will open you mind and your dreamer spirit. You will downplay things on which we pay too much attention, such us owning many goods or money. You’ll go out of your confort area and strengthen your personal development.
  2. Share your time with your family and friends. Call, visit or invite your relatives to your home. Surround yourself with all those who want always the good and emit positive energy. Chat, laugh and leave out Whatsapp (this is important since it absorb us, make us dependant and therefore more unhappy). They are the most prized good that we can own and we have to enjoy it the longer as possible.
  3. This is perhaps shared by we all: eat, eat and eat. Are we right? And the fact is, who of those who are reading this post don’t agree? Doesn’t matter the time o place to enjoy some good food. And if it’s cooked at home so much the better, since this is not giving the shaft to any restaurant. And, if something knows a Spaniard, that is eating well. From here comes the popularity of the good food from Spain and the good spanish products.

This is the philosophy of VBO Spanish Delicatessen, our understanding of happiness and our answer to the question how to be happy. We love the good food and it is why our store only gathers the best of the best of the Spanish gastronomy.

Our final advice: Discover the world, enjoy your family and friends, and if it is while eating, the better.