Mediterranean diet: the base lifestyle of the Spanish gastronomy.

The mediterranean diet is a lifestyle easily recognizable in the mediterranean countries, being Spain one of the best representatives among Portugal, south of France, Italy, Greek and Malta. It is a dietary pattern which combine ingredients from the local agriculture, the recipes and ways of cooking typical of each place, the shared foods, celebrations and traditions, that along with daily practice of moderate physical activity favoured by a propitious weather which complete that lifestyle that the modern science encourage us to adopt for the benefit of our health, making it an excellent model of healthy life.

Below we are showing you 10 basic guidelines that will make easier to follow a mediterranean diet:

Use olive oil as main adding fat.

It is most used oil in the mediterranean cuisine. It’s a food rich in vitamin E, betacarotenos, and monounsaturated fatty acids which confer cardioprotector qualities. This food represent a treasurer in the mediterranean diet and has persist through the centuries among the regional gastronomic costumes, giving dishes unique flavour and aroma. (Check out the best olive oils of Spain)

Eating plant foods in abundance: fruits, vegetables, legumes, mushrooms and nuts.

The vegetables and fruits are the main source of vitamins, minerals and fibre of our diet, and provide us a large amount of liquids at the same time. Is fundamental to eat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables daily. Thanks to their large content in antioxidants and fibre can help to prevent some cardiovascular illness and some types of cancer.

Bread and food from cereals (pasta, rice and especially its whole wheat products) should be part of daily feeding.

The daily consumption of rice, pasta and cereals is essential due to their rich carbohydrate composition. They provide us an important part of the necessary energy for our daily activity.

The seasonal food, fresh and little processed are the most appropriate.

It is important to take advantage of seasonal food since, mainly fruits and vegetables, allow us to consume them in their best moment, both in nutrients intakes as in their aroma and flavour.

Daily consumption of milk products, mainly cheese and yogurt.

We must highlight that the milk products are nutritionally an excellent source of proteins of high biological value, minerals and vitamins. The consumption of fermented milk (yogurt, etc.) is associated to a range of health benefits because these products contain live microorganisms able to improve the intestinal microflora balance. (The best Spanish cheese is also available in our catalog)

Moderate consumption of red meat and processed meat.

Red meat should be consumed in moderation and do it as part of stews and other recipes if possible. The processed meat should be eaten in small quantities as ingredients for sandwiches and other dishes.
Meat has variable quantities of proteins, iron and animal fat. The consumption of animal fats in excess is harmful to health. Thus, it is recommended to eat small quantities of lean meat being part of dishes based on vegetables and cereals.

Eat fish in plenty and eggs in moderation.

The consumption of blue fish is recommended at least twice a week as its fat – although being animal fat – has proteins very similar to the vegetable fats which have protective properties against cardiovascular diseases.
Eggs have very good quality proteins, fat and many vitamins and minerals which make them a very rich food. Eating 3 or 4 eggs a week is a good alternative to meat and fish.

Fresh fruit should be the regular dessert. Sweets and cakes should be eaten just occasionally.

Fruits are very nutritious food that give color and taste to our daily feed and are also a good alternative as snack.

Water is the beverage par excellence in the Mediterranean. Wine should be drink in moderation at meals.

Water is fundamental in our diet. Wine is a traditional drink in the mediterranean diet that may have beneficial effects for health it is consumed in moderation in the context of a balanced diet. (We also have the best wines to accompany your meals)

Do exercise every day since it is so important as a good feed.

Staying physically active and perform physical exercise every day adapted to our capabilities is very important to maintain a good health state.

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