Como ser feliz: la buena comida | how to be happy: good food

How to be happy: the good food is one of the keys.

Maybe one day, or more than one, you have asked yourself how to be happy or what is the happiness. How some people around us are able to have permanent smile drawn in their face and we wonder, how they do it?

We are going to bring you up some habits to achieve the happiness. And you? Do you know how to become happy? Continue reading

Lounges of Alimentaria 2016 - Salones de Alimentaria 2016

What we’ll find in the halls of Alimentaria 2016

The 21st edition of the gastronomic fair Alimentaria 2016 is taking place from 25th to 28th of April in the facilities of Gran Via de Barcelona. 40 chefs of great prestige are going to meet on this event, among those are some very well known as Joan Roca, Mario Sandoval, Ana Merino and Beatriz Sotelo, and till 4000 companies from 70 different countries. Continue reading

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What is a real signature beer?

Since more than 6,000 years ago, the Babylonians began to ferment grains are millions of people who love the aromas of roasted malt and hops. Few drinks arouse such passion: beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world.

But the signature beer owes its origin to the recent boom in microbreweries, which has led to the emergence of a consumer who is interested more and more in knowing about beer, to get out of the classical and uniform industrial blonde, who has gradually got used his palate to the most complex and elegant flavors that provide these ales. Still, there is always craftsmen, passionate producers of this refreshment and who do not seek to make a step further in this job. This step is the one that has led to signature beer, a unique personal concept from the creator of Gladium Portus Magnus beer. Continue reading

The most spectacular wine cellars in Spain

The quality of Spanish wines is known beyond our borders, and among tourists who come to our country, there are many who in addition to enjoy our fine wines, also want to know their origin. The places where the grapes are grown and the cellars where the wine is produced can be a sight to admire for wine lovers, or just for those who enjoy the beauty of a natural landscape and an attractive architecture.

In this article we want to show the ones that to us are the most spectacular wineries in Spain. Worth visiting and admiring for all and sundry, and often are the birthplace of the most prestigious wines of our country. Continue reading

Hornazo: a delicacy from the Tormes riverside

Although at first sight it they seem the same, the hornazo and the empanada have big differences in their origin as their taste.

Formerly it was considered a shepherd’s dish, since they spent many hours or even days out of home. Later it got popular among knight and courtiers to become a traditional dish.

The hornazo consist on a dough stuffed with chorizo, loin and ham baked during half an hour… Do you want to know anything else about this dish? Continue reading

Origin of the 10 most popular Spanish tapas (part 3)

Tortilla, croquetas, calamares, bravas… all these tapas are something almost mandatory in the menu of all typical Spanish bars, both inside and outside our country. But despite these tapas are so well known and loved, surely few of you have not even a slight idea about the origin of something so quotidian in Spain. So, this post completes the series that we started two weeks ago, in which we explain the origin and some curiosities of your favorite tapas.

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Spanish tapas world heritage

Origin of the 10 most popular Spanish tapas (part 2)

Tapas are since some time ago a symbol of the Spanish gastronomy beyond our borders. More and more people who truly love our food thanks to them. But even for us Spanish, despite tapas are something essential on our social life, it is surprising how we don’t know about the origin of many tapas which we consume so often.

In our last post we begin to explain the origin of some of these tapas, which many of you probably didn’t know despite of being your favourites: tortilla de patata, jamón, croquetas and tatatas bravas. This week we continue explaining the origin and curiosities of our more consumed and requested tapas. Continue reading

Origin of the 10 most popular Spanish tapas (part 1)

They almost always tell us which are their ingredients and the best places to taste them, but this time we will trace the origins of the most prized tapas of the Spanish cuisine. Continue reading

2 original ways to serve canned mussels

As you already know, we are making a selection in our shop with the best and most prestigious products of the Spanish gastronomy. As result of this selection you will be able to find the best ingredients to prepare the typical Spanish tapas that you love so much. That is why on our blog we will suggest occasionally some good ideas to surprise with your tapas and the help of our premium products.

As start, we are going to be generous and we are not going to give you one, but two recipes, both with one of the most typical and exquisite of Galicia: mussels. And the base of these recipes will be the pickled mussels with Olive Oil of Ramón Franco. Continue reading