Serving wine at room temperature or cold?

Serving wine at room temperature or cold?

Enjoying a good wine is not just a matter of choosing a good reserve wine. If you like wine and want to make the most of it, you must educate yourself and acquire some basic knowledge on how to use each type of wine. It’s not necessary to be an expert oenologist. Having in mind certain guidelines will be more than enough.

Perhaps it has arisen to you the doubt if serving cold wine or at room temperature. Each wine requires a situation and a proper type of food, an optimal preservation and an ideal serving temperature. Knowing these generalities will make you succeed as host of a social, family or employment lunch meeting.

One specific wine for each type of food?

Yes, every type of food requires a particular wine:

  • For red meats, they are suitable to be accompanied  with a red wine.
  • The fish and seafood is enjoyed with a white wine.
  • Desserts and appetizers are more gotten out with sweet wines.

The same temperature for all wines?

There are certain mistakes that you should avoid when it comes to preserving the wines and also at the time of serving them, therefore you should know when serving wine at room temperature or cold, since not all must be served at the same temperature.

As a general rule:

  • White wines are served cold.
  • The rosé wine not very cold, rather fresh.
  • Red wines are served at room temperature.

The right thing is preserves the wine in cold areas such as wineries, fresh place or refrigerator cabinets. Never keep the wines in the refrigerator since you only will spoil them.

To achieve proper cooling of white and rosé wines an ice bucket with water, ice and salt can be used. The refrigerator can also be used to cool (not to preserve it), but the time will be much higher. Wine should never be more than two hours in the refrigerator and freezer should not be used to accelerate the cooling.

In the case of red wines, once chosen the suitable for the occasion, you must remove it from winery between 30 minutes and one hour before, so that it catches the right temperature. If this is too high, use a special container for wines that insulate it. Keep the wine away from places too warm.

If food is outdoor, temperature, cooling and storage must be cared even more. It is advisable to avoid this wine in contact with the Sun, so prepare a shaded table with ice for white and rosé wines or insulated containers for red wines.