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What is a real signature beer?

Since more than 6,000 years ago, the Babylonians began to ferment grains are millions of people who love the aromas of roasted malt and hops. Few drinks arouse such passion: beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world.

But the signature beer owes its origin to the recent boom in microbreweries, which has led to the emergence of a consumer who is interested more and more in knowing about beer, to get out of the classical and uniform industrial blonde, who has gradually got used his palate to the most complex and elegant flavors that provide these ales. Still, there is always craftsmen, passionate producers of this refreshment and who do not seek to make a step further in this job. This step is the one that has led to signature beer, a unique personal concept from the creator of Gladium Portus Magnus beer. Continue reading

Craft beer: the trendy drink in Spain.

Following on from the inclusion in our store of the craft beer “La Loca Juana” on the last week, we have decided to tell you some things about the craft beer, its history, its origin and many other stuff that you probably don’t know about this refreshing drink.

People has been making craft beer for centuries, we could say milleniums. However in Spain, the quality beers made in a non industrial way are a very recent phenom, which is experiencing a boom time and is conquering little by little an important gap in our gastronomy. Nowadays there are already more than 130 micro-breweries producing in Spain. Besides a trendy drink, it has become into a whole culture and many people are encouraged to make it at home or setting a micro-brewery to elaborate a limited and quality production. Currently, many villages in France, Belgium and Germany have their own craft beer modality, Currently, many villages in France, Belgium and Germany have their own craft beer modality, a hallmark that some entrepreneurs want to bring to Spain.

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