The 7 gastronomic wonders that better represent Spain

As we all already know, Spain has a great cultural, touristic and gastronomic richness. Is for this reason, by which each year we are visited by million of tourists.

There are great efforts that are being made to make Spanish cuisine to be recognized as world heritage. Thus it expressed, the last month of may, by the Minister of education Iñigo Méndez de Vigo to the genertal Director of the UNESCO Irina Bokoba. Allianz Global Assistance wanted to contribute in a small way to the same cause. Do you know how?

Even more than wonders,  jewels

The project called the 7 Wonders of Spain is a campaign promoted by the insurance Agency Allianz Global Assistance. Through a platform on internet, the company insurance opened a survey in which allowed the popular votation of the 7 best Spanish dishes that represented the riches of the Spanish gastronomy.

They were many finalists dishes because the choice was not easy because of the splendor of each them. However the population collaborated bringing their vote (more than 70000 votes and 1000 tweets). In this votation also participated people from other countires, what makes that these results to have even more representation and international support.

After perform the vote and make the count of them votes, the final results left in the podium the 7 gastronomic wonders that better represent Spain:

  1. Papas Arrugadas (Canarian Wrinkly potatoes). Natives of the Canary Islands, it is a dish that never fails and that everybody loves. If you don’t know this typical Spanish dish, we invite you to try. Sure that you will love it.
  2. Jamón Ibérico. Since it couldn’t be any other way this Spanish jewel is another of the 7 Wonders of Spain. We dare to say of the world.
  3. Pulpo a la gallega (octopus galician style). Its origin is Galicia, however it is very famous in our country and outside of it. Delicious accompanying it with a good wine.
  4. Paella valenciana (Valencian Paella). Who doesn’t like paella? Who doesn’t know it? Another gastronomic dish which is famous in the world wide and that perfectly represents our country.
  5. Tortilla de patata (Spanish omelet). Alone, in a sandwich, cold, hot, for lunch, dinner or breakfast… no matter any occasion is good to enjoy their exquisite taste.
  6. Quesada pasiega. It is a Cantabrian richness, a perfect and delicious dessert for your meals and to impress your family, guests, etc.
  7. Paparajotes Murcianos. Typical dessert from the community of Murcia. It is about “wrap” the sheet of a lemon with a mass made of flour, milk and yeast, sprinkled of sugar and cinnamon. One of the delights that we can’t miss and that is considered one of the wonders of Spain.

What do you think about the results? Agree with your food tastes? Do you miss any dish? The choice of only seven dishes was difficult due to, as we have said before, the gastronomic wealth of the country. While there are other many delicacies in our country, we loved the project of the 7 Wonders gastronomic that better represent Spain. We hope that you also.