The importance of a quality ham holder

Today we will like to talk to you about one indispensable tool to enjoy the Iberico ham in the best way: the ham holder, also known as “Jamonero” in Spanish.

Everything evolves and kitchenware couldn’t be an exception. The wit and design have joined to the way of curing our excellent hams and shoulders to improve the enjoyment of tasting the Iberico pig products. A quality ham holder is a mandatory tool if you want to make the most of your pieces with the minimum effort and maximum cleanliness.

The ham holder is an special stand, with the appropriate length, approximately like a ham piece, used to cut ham slices.
According to the experts, the Iberico ham must be tasted by cutting it manually, since the mechanic cutting of some butchers makes it to lose organoleptic properties.

Traditionally it is made with wood, although the newest and profesional ones are made with antibacterial materials, is 45-50 cm long and 15-50 cm width. It has a sharp screw in each side: one to fix the leg to the column with a ferrule, and other one near the base to fix the wide part of the ham.

jamonero modelo elite madera de haya

BUARFE Elite ham holder

But the long and old ham culture in Spain has given way to many improvements that are reflected in the precise and confortable professional ham holders used now a days by Spanish ham cutting experts. This kind of quality “Jamonero” consist of a turning ferrule system that allows to rotate the ham without needing to loosen the fixing screw, being able to cut with accuracy while adjusting the ham’s shape to the cutting position.

Below we leave you a video we you will see in detail the “BUARFE Elite” ham holder, one of the prefered by the ham-cutting experts, and which will find in our shop.