“The Very Best of Spanish Delicatessen” or “The masterpieces of the spanish gastronomy”

In the same way we will never find a Van Gogh, a Gauguin a Monet or a Picasso in a street market stall since its natural destiny is a museum or a collector’s hall, we should find the masterpieces of our gastronomy in a similar environment. This is “Very best of Spanish delicatessen”.With our work we claim to be like that collector’s hall where we show, from the products with prestige achieved in a whole life of hard working, to the most little masterpieces of our varied and rich gastronomy that are breaking through like those unknown artist destined to be grandmasters.

We aim to bring you all this culinary art to a shop where we will take care that everything you may purchase has the maximum quality, prestige and security. In a single order you will be able to include all the variety that comes to mind, since we take care of gathering everything from the origin to you.

Moreover, we will keep you regularly posted about every new product in our store, all the news regarding the spanish gastronomy, in order to make you better understand and enjoy our catalog with the very best of the spanish food, and some recipes of dishes and tapas that will make you better know the spanish cuisine.

We encourage you to follow our blog and we hope you like it as well as our wine, cheese, olive oil, ham and the rest of the high quality spanish products we have gathered for you.