vega sicilia una de las mejores bodegas del mundo

Vega Sicilia: One of the best wineries in the world

Have you heard of Vega Sicilia? Surely you have, if you are passionate about viticulture and you are interested in knowing the best wineries in the world. And, why not tell all the trajectory that has Vega Sicilia, one of the best wineries in the world, and has also contributed to the prestige of the Spain brand. Vega Sicilia has a long legacy and we invite you to know it.

Vega Sicilia: A winery, a history …

The winery Vega Sicilia has a long history. With it began the legacy of Spanish wine internationally. This winery has belonged to several owners starting with the Lecanta family who were the ones who started this beautiful story. In 1864 in Valbuena de Duero (Valladolid) this family founded the winery of Vega Sicilia. They began producing Brandy and ratafias with which they obtained their first prize in the Exposition of Philadelphia in 1876. This same year they managed to be the suppliers of the Royal House and in 1880 they obtained the Great Cross of Isabel the Catholic.

In 1915 Vega Sicilia and Valbuena were born, two exceptional wines that owe their quality to Domingo Garramiola, a great oenologist who marked the future of this great winery. It is at this time that the Vega Sicilia become exclusive wines, since their destiny was not the sale, but they were given away among the friends of the family, belonging to the bourgeoisie and the aristocracy.

In 1956 Jesus Anadón becomes the Manager of the firm Vega Sicilia and promoter of the Denomination of Origin Ribera de Duero.

In 1982 the current stage begins: the estate was acquired by the Álvarez family who bet on maintaining a high quality in its wines and extending its reputation outside the Spanish borders.

vega sicilia one of the best wineries in the world

Its secret …

The vineyards of the Vega Sicilia winery, with Denomination of Origin Ribera de Duero, have very characteristic environmental conditions from Castilla y León, region in which are the vineyards and winery. It is an area prone to drought due to the scarcity of rainfall, especially concentrated in spring and autumn, with very hot summers and bathed by the river Duero that favors the appearance of the morning fog contributing a touch of humidity.

Once the grapes are collected the juice is fermented for about fifteen days. For a year the wine is stored in foudres (large capacity barrels). Its aging is made in Bordeaux barrels made with American oak and French oak, and in the own facilities of the winery. In the first years the wine rests in barrels of new wood, then it is transferred to older barrels. Its maturation usually lasts more than four years.

Recognition to good quality …

This is how the winery Vega Sicilia has managed to make the best wines in the world: Red Reserva Valbuena, Vega Sicilia Único and Vega Sicilia Único Especial.

Vega Sicilia can boast that Sotheby’s, the oldest auction house, has auctioned in New York in 2009 a batch of 23 bottles of Vega Sicilia for $ 102,850. Also its wines have obtained very high scores in the prstigious guides Peñin, Parker and Proensa.

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