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What is a real signature beer?

Since more than 6,000 years ago, the Babylonians began to ferment grains are millions of people who love the aromas of roasted malt and hops. Few drinks arouse such passion: beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world.

But the signature beer owes its origin to the recent boom in microbreweries, which has led to the emergence of a consumer who is interested more and more in knowing about beer, to get out of the classical and uniform industrial blonde, who has gradually got used his palate to the most complex and elegant flavors that provide these ales. Still, there is always craftsmen, passionate producers of this refreshment and who do not seek to make a step further in this job. This step is the one that has led to signature beer, a unique personal concept from the creator of Gladium Portus Magnus beer.

Signature beer

The search for the highest quality and exclusivity is the aim of this producer. With the addition of R & D, he has managed to use unique ingredients for their beers, giving them a profile and special structure for recognizing the result as a truly different beer, a signature beer.

For this purpose and after several years of work, Gladium Portus Magnus beer was born, which we have recently added to our shop. Like all our products, this is an exclusive beer that differentiates itself in a tangible way from the rest of craft beer, with ingredients of the highest quality and a professional making. Gladium is a unique and original beer brewed with a new variety based on liquid wild yeast and liquid lager yeast, a complex procedure in which the author is a pioneer, and that was been called Ferus Lager. All this makes Gladium a signature beer truly Super Premium.

 Gladium Portus Magnus signature beer