What to do in Madrid: eat a calamari sandwich

Have you heard of the famous sandwich of squid in Madrid? Surely Yes, either because a friend has recommended you or because you've visited the capital and you've seen posters that puts "Squid sandwich" on all sides. Do you know where this tradition comes from?

In addition to its long history, the numbers places that visit, streets, etc. Madrid is known for a tradition that goes back to the time of the Catholic Reformation. Locals should be deprived of eating meat during Lent and replace this food with other livelihoods.  This is why, why from Madrid began to sue fish and seafood at the major ports in the North of our country.

The calamari sandwich

The ingredients are simple: quality, wheat or chickpea flour and bread fresh calamari. The idea of batter and fry the squid emerged as easy and cheap solution to consume fish.

This simplicity is that makes it difficult to explain to the people that visit Madrid, the importance that has this delicacy for the capital and its inhabitants, as well as to make them understand that does not figure among its ingredients no sauce.

And it is that with every bite you give to the squid sandwich are reviving a historical moment for our country.  Although more tradition is, ask for a straw or a beer with lemon to accompany your sandwich of squid and now it… "from Madrid to the sky".

Are you sure you're wondering how to eat the squid sandwich? It's easy, first you must ask the sandwich, second ask Shanks (to your taste) and finally must support the elbow on the bar of the bar and enjoy to the fullest.

They say that when you visit Madrid and step on the kilometer zero insurance come back someday, but so have more effect the prophecy not you go without eating a sandwich of squid.