Lounges of Alimentaria 2016 - Salones de Alimentaria 2016

What we’ll find in the halls of Alimentaria 2016

The 21st edition of the gastronomic fair Alimentaria 2016 is taking place from 25th to 28th of April in the facilities of Gran Via de Barcelona. 40 chefs of great prestige are going to meet on this event, among those are some very well known as Joan Roca, Mario Sandoval, Ana Merino and Beatriz Sotelo, and till 4000 companies from 70 different countries.

Halls of Alimentaria 2016

It will be splitted in five halls, Intercan (meat and derivatives), Intervin (wine and spirits), Restaurama (restoration), Interlact (dairy) and Multiple Foods (Sweets, preserves, oils and premium products). The spanish gastronomic products will have a principal rol in this fair, mainly wines, oils and cheeses.

Intervin alimentaria 2016

Intervin alimentaria 2016

Regarding the most representatives spanish products shown in the five different halls of Alimentaria 2016, we will find in Intervin the Vinorum Think area. A space for reflexing and disclosure about spanish wine. The bar of Gourmet olive oils will gather. And the spanish cheeses will have their prominence at Interlact, at the space called “España, el país de los 100 quesos” (Spain, the country of the 100 cheeses), gathering a hundred of national little cheese producers and micro-companies, with the degustation of 250 different cheeses.