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How to choose the right wine for a business lunch

The good choice of the right wine can suppose to make a very good impression in a business lunch. But a bad choice could take to ruin the image you want to give your guests which may not be entirely comfortable due to they do not like the drink you are offering them. The choice of wine can tell a lot about you, your poise, your culture and your tastes.

The place

Make sure the restaurant you choose counts on a good equipment to preserve and serve wine. That is, who care to keep wines at the temperature and humidity, in addition to have an inventory and control of which bottles should be rotated in or out, that has a good glassware with a sufficient number of pieces according to the variety of wines.

The selection of labels

It is not necessary that the restaurant to have an encyclopedia of wines as menu. It may be a short selection but it must be good. You can choose the wines by region, which require greater knowledge, or you can choose by characteristics, based on the intensity of the wine.

The price

You can end up looking as a new rich if you simply choose the most expensive to make a good impression. You can suggest the waiter discreetly the right wine for your budget, pointing in the menu the price zone that fits your budget without guests noticing.

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The weather and time

The appropriateness of a wine depends greatly on the time and place. A white, pink or sparkling wine will be well received if the lunch is in a coastline place. Conversely, if an inland city, night or the weather is not so warm and humid, red wine may be the best option.

The menu

As we all know, besides the place and time, the menu is an essential element to keep in mind when choosing the wine. Although the basic rule that white wines go with fish and red with meat is partly true, should clarify: it is not so much the color of wine, but that the body of the wine is balanced with the dish. In this way, a red wine full-bodied, tannin and alcohol that has been a long period in wood suggests some meat.


It must balance the acidity of the dish with the wine. Thus, for a plate with a high level of acidity, a wine with high acidity will make the food to shine more.


White wine, as well as sparkling or pink wine and lose their fruitiness with the passage of time, so we must take care because what we want in this case is a fresh wine. In the case of red wine, five years is a good average. For example, it is not necessary to order at the restaurant a 10 years Grand Reserve. It pass 24 months in barrels and 36 months in bottle to its aging, so it already is 5 years old and do not need any more aging.

Taste the wine

Generally, the organizer of the business lunch should be who tries the wine first. But if among the guests there is a connoisseur of wines, cede the honor can be a great gesture.


Make sure the wine they serve you is the one you asked for. Sometimes the price of wine can vary considerably depending on the vintage. Also check the correct state of the cork. If it is broken or drained will be better to change the bottle.

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The cup

Try the waiter to change the cups every time you change wine or a new bottle is opened.

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